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1. Apple MacPro

2. Behringer

3. Genelec

4. Roland

5. Mesa

6. Motu

7. Sennheiser

8. Shure

9. Soundcraft

10. Steinberg Nuendo and many more...

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At Koinonia Recording Studio, we know the sound we make is the outcome of our studio. ​With every of our work of sound, we could provide a great sound of music... 

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Our Recording Studio is a modern project studio size situated on the western side of Aizawl city in Mizoram. Our Recording Studio is around 35 minutes drive from Lengpui Airport with an excellent road condition. Having a free parking space for light motor vehicles and two-wheelers. Though we are located in an urban area, the street is comparatively quiet, which is good for an artists and musicians.

Our newly established studio is meant for audio-recording, mixing and rehearsal. Our studio is well equipped with some of the finest gears with a combination of analog and digital to run with the pace of the present realities. Our control room and live room are designed to have versatility in sound and light which is desperately needed in today’s music industry. Both our rooms are enriched with an advance air-conditioning system. We also have a room where our studio clients can relax with a beautiful outside view.​

About Us

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Studio Location:

South Kanan (Opposite Baptist Church), Kanan Veng,
Aizawl - 796 009,
Mizoram, India.

Geographical References (GPS-No.)
23 Degree 44' 5" N 92 Degree 42' 30" E​